(image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAMM)

The NAMM Show never ceases to amaze me, and this year was no different. I have experienced a plethora of performances, seminars, exhibitors, and more! I will do my best to condense all the happenings in this one article, while still giving you a piece of the energy surrounding this event!

Day One

I started bright and early with checking out the Breakfast of Champions panel, which featured free breakfast, and a topic hosted by NAMM’s President and CEO, Joe Lamond, who invited a few guest speakers such as Christal Morris (founder of SWIM) and Chris Gero (founder of Yamaha Entertainment Group) to share their experiences with growing their company.

After the panel, I went to visit Yamaha across the way, who was able to demonstrate their newest hybrid pianos and Disklavier program. Click Here to watch that demo. From there, I went back across to the Hilton to sit in on the seminar hosted by Eric Chun, who broke down how musicians can properly submit for product endorsements.

Following that seminar, I checked out “Music Making that Really Builds Your Audience”, hosted by CD Baby’s own VP of Marketing, Kevin Breuner. He spent the session explaining how artists can build their email list, build a landing page, as well as properly monetize their growing audience.

After checking out all the seminars, I finally entered the main convention center and walked by well-known drum companies Vic Firth, Zildjian, and Sabian. As I was walking through, I was able to catch a performance by famous drummer Taylor Gordon (also known as The Pocket Queen). Click here to check out that performance.

Day Two

I returned to NAMM on day two to hit up some more informative sessions and visit some of my other favorite exhibitors. One of the seminars was called “New Instagram Marketing Tips for the Music Industry”, conducted by Jean Herman. She broke down the algorithm for Instagram posting, how to post quality content, and how to optimize the content that gets the best results.

Immediately following that session was “Decoding Google: Advanced Strategies for Music Business”, taught by Larry Bailin, who showed us how to use Google AdWords and Youtube to grow your business.

In between sessions I was able to stop by KORG for them to show their newest digital keyboard. Click here to access that video. I was also able to visit a few other booths, such as AirTurn/Onsong, who demonstrated hands free sight reading for live performances (Click Here to watch), and My Music Staff who showed us their online program for invoice/scheduling management for private teachers (Click Here to watch).

I also had to check in on Casio Music Gear, who gave us an awesome demonstration of their newest Privia! Click Here to watch that video.

One final session I visited that day was also taught by Jean Herman, which was “New Facebook Strategies for 2019”, where she talked about how to use Facebook’s algorithm to generate higher reach and more followers for your music or music-related business.

Day Three

Entering into Saturday, my first stop was the NAMM U session called “5 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media”, which was hosted by Reverb’s social media manager, Mallory Nees.

Afterwards, I wanted to visit my favorite piano book company, Alfred Music. I use their books all the time for my private students. For your convenience, I had them show me all the recommended song and lesson books for older adults. Click Here to watch the demonstration.

My final stop of the day was at Sennheiser, who was able to show me their top of the line wireless microphone! Click here to check out the live interview.

Day Four

On my final (but shorter) day at NAMM, I stopped by the Idea Center to visit two seminars. One was “Beyond YouTube: Marketing With Video”, which consisted of a panel with Laura B Whitmore (host), Ben Riccardi, Justin DeLay, and Sarah Command. They gave insight on best practices for posting videos across all social networks, including Youtube.

The final seminar I sat in on was “How to Monetize Your Music in Film and TV”, which had a panel featuring Chandra Lynn (host), Jabari Ali, Jesse James Felice, Art Ford, and Joe Solo. They showed us how to use World Song Network (click here to visit the website) to submit your music for TV/Film consideration.

Click here to check out the rest of the photos from the event. You can also check out highlights from our instagram page by visiting www.instagram.com/themusicalwebb